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Address Book Buglist

Note : Any bugs which appear here as Completed have already been putback to the mozilla codebase and do not require patches or experimental builds

Putback I (Bug 69480)
This is almost exclusively refactoring work. Removing the dependancies that datasources have to the mork database implementation which maintains local addressbooks.
Schedule : Completed

Putback II (Bug 78933)
This putback adds the ability to the addressbook to read LDAP and read and write MAPI addressbooks. The MAPI addressbook implementation is windows specific. All three datasources (mork, MAPI, LDAP) are searchable although there is no UI yet in place to support this. This putback is featured on the branch landing page
Schedule : Completed

Putback IV (Bug 83103)
This bug fix allows addressbook from either Outlook Express or Outlook to be read from the mozilla addressbook. There is a build on the experimental build page if you want to try out this bug fix. Full instructions on the changes necessary to prefs.js are available here on the bug entry in bugzilla.
Schedule : Completed

Putback III (Bug 83023)
This will be mainly bug fixes to the previous two putbacks and the addition of a UI to allow search capability for all three datasources. Here are the screen shots for the proposed UI. This putback has missed the 0.9.4 freeze mainly because of UI issues that were raised by various contributors. If you have time on your hands have a look at the bug entry in bugzilla.
This putback was postponed until January at the earliest due to Mozilla's refocusing on footprint and performance. This bug has landed mainly due to the huge contribution of Seth Spizter at Mozilla and will appear in Mozilla milestone 0.9.9.
Schedule : Completed

Putback V (Bug 83100)
This will add the UI capability to add and remove an Outlook or Outlook express addressbook. The functionality is already there from the 78933 putback, this would just add the necessary entry to the prefs.js to show one or both of them.
Proposals for this putback have been reviewed by mozilla and can be seen here. This functionality does not appear to be very high on the features list despite that fact that it may be the gateway to Mozilla becoming the conduit for PDA syncing. See bug 112555.
Schedule : Mozilla 1.0 (?)

Putback VI (Bug 83091)
We would like to use the LDAP entries that users enter to the autocompletion dialog. These entries use a slightly different uri scheme so we will need to make some changes to our code to pick them up.
This functionality has been landed and will appear in Mozilla milestone 0.9.9. Thnaks largely to Seth Spitzer at Mozilla.
Our original Proposals for this putback have been reviewed by mozilla and can be seen here
Schedule : Completed.

Putback VII (Bug 83114)
This bug relates to synchonising LDAP server we would input via our the address book  and LDAP servers that appear under autocompletion. This bug is now closed in favour of ( bug 125821) which was created following the landing of bug 83091 as a place holder of the outstanding LDAP Address Book issues.

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